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This website represents the home of the Colorado Springs Full Disclosure advocacy group.

Our public events may be found on the meetup.com page here.

We hold the objectives of Full Disclosure International:

  1. Make the mainstream public aware of the strong evidence that highly advanced technologies are currently being suppressed.
  2. Work to release this technology fully, freely, and immediately.
  3. Seek a Full Disclosure of all “unacknowledged programs.”

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Dr. Bill Deagle’s experiences at Schriever Air Force Base, CO

Clips of Dr. Deagle discussing Schriever AFB underground facilities and US Air Force Space Command secret space program activities taken from his 2006 Granada Forum lecture and his 2008 interview with Project Camelot.


Dimensions of Disclosure Talk on Unveiling & Genetic Programs

Talk given August 17th, 2018, in Loveland, CO, by Mike Waskosky, discussing the Law of One (Ra material), Corey Goode, ET genetic experimentation, AATIP, and UFO/ET Disclosure. Presentation begins 06:40.

This presentation covers:
* The Law of One basics & cosmology
* Archetypal evolution experiments by the galactic Logos
* The veiling of the mind, or First Great Experiment
* The structure of the mind
* Penetrating the gateway to intelligent infinity
* ET experiments including genetic changes
* Corey Goode’s updates on ET genetic experiments
* Unblocking chakras (energy centers) through processing experiences
* Spiritual evolution through layered veils on awareness
* Inner and outer dimensional relationships in human evolution
* How to get involved with disclosure
* AATIP and the role of Harry Reid
* Accelerating full disclosure, contacting congress

The first minute of the talk was lost due to a technical issue with a new microphone. I mainly talked about AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) after asking how many people had never heard of it, and most everyone raised their hands which I found a little surprising.


Ben Fulford and David Wilcock Sources Corroborate Start of Military Tribunals

“[According to DIA sources] with Federal courts running out of funds on
January 18th, military tribunals can begin in earnest” – Benjamin Fulford
update Jan 21st

“The federal judiciary now estimates it has enough funds to sustain paid
operations through Jan. 25, knocking back the deadline”

David Wilcock has been hearing similar things “we are hearing from multiple
sources that these deep state tribunals have begun as of January 1st, that
there’s multiple locations, many of which are military bases, in which
top-level deep state people have already been brought in, they’ve already
been tried, and and a lot of these tribunals in the first phase have
already ended” …”January 28th apparently is when some mainstream media
people will be allowed into some of these tribunals”
https://ytkeeper.com/JMez34IDP3o?t=4557 [Jan 10th interview]


North Colorado Springs Rotary Club Talk

Today I gave a talk at the North Colorado Springs Rotary Club local meeting, discussing Secret Space Programs, Advanced Technology Disclosure & how the topics relate to Colorado Springs.

Here is a PDF of the slideshow I presented.


Corey Goode’s DIA Documents: The Unreported AATIP Revealing

In a recent meeting with Corey Goode I shared with him some some information about the connection between the Defense Intelligence Agency documents that he posted to his site last December (apparently coming to him through an insider at the DIA), and the AATIP program initially revealed by the NY Times article from last December titled “Glowing Auras and Black Money: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program.” That bombshell news article went up at noon of Dec 16th, 2017, to reach publication on the front page of the NY Times on Dec 17th, with many major media reporting on the story shortly thereafter.

There was another significant AATIP story from December 17th, however, that very few have yet discussed.

On the evening of Sunday, December 17th, I received a Skype message from Corey Goode asking me about the best way to share document files on social media. He sent me a link to DIA “Defense Intelligence Reference Documents” (DIRDs) that were already published and downloadable on his website (spherebeingalliance.com) on December 17th (the server timezone marked it as the 18th), stating that he would be releasing these documents to the public soon, apparently not aware that they were already accessible to the public on his site through website navigation. I feel that it was a mysterious synchronicity that these documents were accidentally made public on Dec 17th a few days before Corey had intended to announce them, given that they represented the first release to the public of official documents now proven to have been generated by the AATIP program itself, the DoD program disclosed widely on that same day through separate channels.

This is the link Corey sent me, the website post of the documents on SphereBeingAlliance.com.

The documents were titled Traversable Wormholes, Stargates & Negative Energy by Dr. Eric W Davis, and Warp Drive, Dark energy & The Manipulation of Extra Dimensions by Dr. Richard K. Obousy and Dr. Eric W Davis.

Shortly after I downloaded these documents on December 17th I began searching for different key phrases from the documents to check if I could find any trace of them already existing online. I found no trace of them anywhere else online. John Greenewald of The Black Vault, who has done extensive work in obtaining government documents through FOIA requests, also reported doing the same kind of search in December of 2017 and said that he could only trace these documents back to Corey Goode.

These DIA “reference” documents that Corey claimed to have received from one of his inside sources were dated 2009 and labeled as being associated with the “Defense Intelligence Agency, Defense Warning Office’s Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) Program.”

Beginning around April 2018, an increasing number of researchers began discussing the possibility that AATIP was actually called “AAWSAP” and that that fact might explain the ongoing difficulty of researchers in finding any trace of a program named AATIP through FOIA or NSA Intellipedia searches.

One reason that researchers made this connection was a statement by Mr. Paul Dean of “UFOs – Documenting The Evidence” that he had been “contacted by someone who claimed to be in a senior defense program leadership role. He stated that the UFO program on everyone’s lips was not officially called the “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” (AATIP). This was, apparently, a loose, almost ad hoc term for one part of a somewhat larger defense program. The true name of the overall program, or at least the official starting title, was the “Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program” (AAWSAP), or something extremely similar.”

A second, more commonly cited reason for researchers increasingly suspecting the AAWSAP/AATIP connection, however, turned out to be the use of the AAWSAP name on the documents released by Corey Goode himself, although Corey’s role in this connection was almost never explicitly cited by researchers.

Swedish researcher Roger Glassel, is cited as having discovered that a Scientist named Dr. Eric Davis was publicly claiming to be connected with the AATIP program. Roger and others searched through publicly available titles of Eric’s work which led them to discover the documents that Corey had posted, which clearly linked Dr. Davis with the AAWSAP program title.

According to Keith Basterfield’s post on the subject, UK researcher Isaac Koi shared on a discussion forum on April 30th that he was able to make contact with Dr. Eric Davis to get a confirmation that Dr. Davis did indeed author one the AAWSAP (DIRD) documents that Corey had released, which Isaac had discovered by searching through the titles of studies that Dr. Davis had himself listed on the EarthTech.org publications page.

Dr. Eric Davis stated:

“I don’t know how you got two of my DIRD reports” – “Yes! All of my DIRD reports are in the set of 38 total” [in reference to the list of 38 studies commissioned by the AASWAP/AATIP programs].

In July of 2018, George Knapp of I-Team (Las Vegas local news) reported on a document he obtained which listed the titles of all 38 of the AAWSAP/AATIP/DIRD documents, where the studies by Dr. Eric Davis were also clearly listed.

The list of all 38 DIRD reports is found in this PDF published by George Knapp, also clearly revealing the documents released in December 2017 by Corey.

Though these various documents may have still left room open for speculation of fabrication, it seems we have now received a final confirmation of these facts from Luis Elizondo himself. On August 30th, 2018, the TTSA YouTube channel released a video of a talk by Luis Elizondo addressing questions and finally explaining the discrepancy between the AASWAP and AATIP naming, stating that AAWSAP was the original program name that changed to AATIP in 2008, a change of name which also corresponded to a change in the scope of the project in order to “focus more narrowly” on specific aspects of its original mission. Luis stated that it was because he did not get involved heading up the program until it was named AATIP that he originally chose not to mention the AAWSAP name previously.

Also in that video, Elizondo confirmed the legitimacy of the document that listed the 38 studies, one of which was classified and blacked out.

Elizondo also stated that most of the material related to AATIP and presumably the 38 DIRDs were often intentionally marked as “FOIA exempt” unfortunately, and states this marking was about keeping their research “out of the hands of foreign adversaries.” This means that it may be up to other insiders to actually get the documentation released in an unofficial manner if it is ever to see the light of day.

This has required alternative sources such as Corey Goode to initiate this process of AATIP document dropping, doing so before TTSA itself even released a single document to the public substantiating the program.

This simple fact led people like John Greenewald to ask in his report on this subject:

“I saw these documents back in late December and early January, but dismissed them as they are largely sourced/credited to Corey Goode, a very controversial figure to begin with. If they are genuine (and they may be) these documents do not appear that they were released under any official channels. So the biggest question is, “How did Corey get them?”  I have not found an ‘older’ source, but am open if anyone else has.”

With all of this evidence considered, it would seem that Corey Goode has at least one authentic inside source in the DIA, or is in some way closely connected to such a source, a fact that many AATIP researchers have had apparent difficulty in mentioning and honestly reporting on, no doubt due to the controversial nature of some of Corey’s other claims and what this evidence might mean for those seeking to validate any of Corey’s additional claims of receiving information from apparent government insiders.

At this point it seems that the proper question to be asking is not how Corey Goode received these documents so much as WHY Corey Goode was trusted or selected as a source to be delivering these documents during the same time period that Luis Elizondo and TTSA were assisting with the mainstream media widely disclosing this same program (albeit sans-documentation). Could it be that there are multiple factions within the intelligence agencies working towards their own version of “disclosure” with different belief systems and/or agendas?

Let’s keep pushing for a full disclosure, and stay grateful for all those on the front lines assisting in the unveiling of the greatest suppressed truths of human history.

Mike Waskosky
September 7th 2018

Note: Thanks to Dr. Michael Salla for picking up this story on his website, and for doing his “Due Diligence” to confirm the legitimacy of at least one other of Corey’s insider contacts: https://exopolitics.org/dia-confirms-list-of-exotic-propulsion-papers-corroborating-insider-testimony/

Law of One & Ascension Presentation – April 2018



Air Force Secrecy Memo Triggered by Schriever Story

“The Air Force has decided it needs to be much more secretive since a
Gazette story last month on the National Space Defense Center in Colorado
Springs triggered a public relations “stand down.””

“Security classes for Air Force public relations workers have started, and
a wider effort is aimed at a “culture shift” toward increased secrecy,
according to documents obtained by The Gazette. It’s unclear when the
service will resume normal public relations efforts.”


Excerpts from the story from last month:

“The National Space Defense Center at Schriever Air Force Base has moved
beyond war games, with intelligence agency experts and Space Command airmen
joining forces to protect American satellites in orbit.

The center, which last year was operating with borrowed troops, has begun
operating 24 hours a day and boasts a staff of 230. Their mission is to
ferret out threats to military and spy satellites and take actions to keep
American interests safe in orbit.”

“The ultra-secret center operates behind a prison-like double-fence inside
Schriever’s secure area. While specifics of the unit haven’t been released,
Brost said it includes contractors, representatives of American spy
agencies along with troops from Air Force Space Command.

“This is not an Air Force unit,” Brost explained. “It’s not really even a
Department of Defense unit.””

.”[Schriever] also had room to spare and is so secure that airmen have long
called it “Area 52″ and local wags have joked that its where the Air Force
goes when the service wants to be alone.”



Richard Hoagland Interviews Wilcock, Talks Secret Space Program

Show link:

Download MP3 of show:


Eclipse of Disclosure Recap

Myself and two members from our group attended the Eclipse of Disclosure Conference in McCloud, CA a week ago.

Here is the presentation I gave on the Law of One (Ra material).

Here is a clip of Corey Goode’s presentation where he gave us a shout-out and I was able to share a little about our group.

Here is the download link for the flier we were passing out, and that I mentioned in that clip.

Download EOD Attendee Filer 


Wilcock Update 4/25/17

Posted by David Wilcock on Facebook an hour ago:

“Last night I got a HUGE burst of new intel from Pete Peterson about the
Antarctic Atlantis. Much more specific detail that has clarified a bunch of
topics, including UFO crashes from three different time periods that have
all been found.

Pete was part of a team that has been working on an incredibly detailed
analysis of these crashes for at least the last 30 years. The level of
specifics is almost too much, since you are dealing with entire teams of
scientists who did nothing but study these sites for years at a time.

Plans are definitely in place to reveal the whole thing to us. A negative
ET group is also demanding a disclosure announcement in the very near

The battle between the Cabal and the Alliance is playing out in the US as
the DoD (Alliance) versus the CIA and there are many mysteries in current
events that can be explained.

We are definitely right on track for some major changes in everything we
think we know. The Alliance would have done this regardless of who won the
US 2016 election.

I have been very busy with new developments in my life that involve travel
and many hours of work. All very positive and completely unexpected.”



2017 Space Symposium Demonstration for Disclosure

Today at the Space Symposium event in Colorado Springs we passed out a flyer attached to a DVD (maybe around a hundred of each). We received a very wide range of reactions just like last year, ranging from people automatically laughing about the topic to people very knowledgeable about the topic and interested in our take on specific areas, and also some people familiar with suspicious activities occurring in Antarctica this year which was mentioned on one sign we used.

Materials distributed:
Four page flyer download

A DVD with 6 videos on it:

1. Dr. Bill Deagle’s experiences at Schriever Air Force Base, CO
2. The Disclosure Project (2 hr), edited down very slightly.
3. A custom consciousness science compilation including Dr. Emoto rice experiment replications, Russel Targ talk excerpt, and PEAR research overview. Some of the overview can be seen on youtube here.
4. A ET related testimony video compilation that is not available online, including clips from witnesses such as Henry Deacon and Agent Kewper (pseudonym)
5. Pete Peterson interview, from Cosmic Disclosure
6. David Wilcock and Corey Goode Conscious Life Expo presentation excerpts,  “Antactic Atlantis” – David’s edited version on Youtube here

We also managed to give out to some people an additional DVD package which had the ENTIRETY of the 5 days of testimony presented at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: http://www.citizenhearing.org/ (Thanks to Richard for preparing that!)


(Credit: Walt Chai)


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