“[According to DIA sources] with Federal courts running out of funds on
January 18th, military tribunals can begin in earnest” – Benjamin Fulford
update Jan 21st

“The federal judiciary now estimates it has enough funds to sustain paid
operations through Jan. 25, knocking back the deadline”

David Wilcock has been hearing similar things “we are hearing from multiple
sources that these deep state tribunals have begun as of January 1st, that
there’s multiple locations, many of which are military bases, in which
top-level deep state people have already been brought in, they’ve already
been tried, and and a lot of these tribunals in the first phase have
already ended” …”January 28th apparently is when some mainstream media
people will be allowed into some of these tribunals”
https://ytkeeper.com/JMez34IDP3o?t=4557 [Jan 10th interview]