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2017 Space Symposium Demonstration for Disclosure

Today at the Space Symposium event in Colorado Springs we passed out a flyer attached to a DVD (maybe around a hundred of each). We received a very wide range of reactions just like last year, ranging from people automatically laughing about the topic to people very knowledgeable about the topic and interested in our take on specific areas, and also some people familiar with suspicious activities occurring in Antarctica this year which was mentioned on one sign we used.

Materials distributed:
Four page flyer download

A DVD with 6 videos on it:

1. Dr. Bill Deagle’s experiences at Schriever Air Force Base, CO
2. The Disclosure Project (2 hr), edited down very slightly.
3. A custom consciousness science compilation including Dr. Emoto rice experiment replications, Russel Targ talk excerpt, and PEAR research overview. Some of the overview can be seen on youtube here.
4. A ET related testimony video compilation that is not available online, including clips from witnesses such as Henry Deacon and Agent Kewper (pseudonym)
5. Pete Peterson interview, from Cosmic Disclosure
6. David Wilcock and Corey Goode Conscious Life Expo presentation excerpts,  “Antactic Atlantis” – David’s edited version on Youtube here

We also managed to give out to some people an additional DVD package which had the ENTIRETY of the 5 days of testimony presented at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure: http://www.citizenhearing.org/ (Thanks to Richard for preparing that!)


(Credit: Walt Chai)


Corey Goode talks at Conscious Life Expo, from Feb 2017

Corey’s personal presentation, covering the basic timeline of his testimony and experiences.

The whole joint presentation between Corey and David Wilcock, called “part 2” here. David released this in a more carefully edited form though, I mentioned that version in a prior post.


Latest Antarctica Intel (March 2017 Updates)

From exopolitics.org – updates written by joint effort between Dr. Salla and Corey Goode.

US Air Force Officials Investigate Claims of Secret Navy Space Program

Secret Presidential Memorandum issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies

Antarctic Ice Shelf Destabilized as Race for Ancient Alien Artifacts & New Weapons Heats Up

The last one has a narrated youtube video associated with it. They started doing narrated videos when they got sick of “robot voice” narrations of their articles becoming so popular on youtube.



David Wilcock & Corey Goode, Conscious Life Expo 2017 – Secret Space Program Presentations

David called this video “a definitive overview and introduction to the fascinating story that Corey has brought to the world” in his corresponding article update:

Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center at Schriever

Very interesting…


Dr. Salla Update on Antarctica Intel

After meeting with both David Wilcock and Corey Goode in Boulder, Dr. Salla was recently encouraged to get some new intel out quickly for them. The most fascinating new development here is that Corey says he now received a tour himself earlier this month (January) of ET/hybrid civilization ruins under the ice in Antarctica. Apparently, the “partial disclosure” of the ruins that is being prepared for revealing to the public is going to look only human, with none of the more advanced technology present.




Bill Ryan’s Recommended Researchers

Bill Ryan is another great UFO researcher, in some ways similar to Steven Greer (in maintaining fortified paradigms), and in some ways very much not (wider views of negative ETs and their influence are considered.)

In the past, some drama occurred between Corey Goode and Bill Ryan which has caused (or been partly a result of) Bill’s forum (Project Avalon) basically turning against people like Corey and David Wilcock. Bill’s forum is also largely close minded about the possibility of William Tompkins being fully honest or trustworthy, which is the direction that many open online forums go when it feels they are finally “overrun” in some way. For these reasons I am curious to check in from time to time to see how they are dealing with new information and updates while maintaining very skeptical, but still relatively well informed, perspectives.

I may post more of their alternate views from time to time, which I think helps us remain respectful of a wider range of beliefs.

Here is Bill Ryan’s post I wanted to share:

I was asked by a friend a couple of days ago which researchers or authors I’d recommend to an intelligent and curious person who knew almost nothing about the subject. Good question. My list was quite short:

  • Richard Dolan, of course. Trained as an academic historian, and exemplary in everything he writes, says and does.
  • Linda Howe, seasoned, smart, sane and professional, and who has been in the field forever, is close in quality.
  • Timothy Good is another. He wrote one of the UFO researchers’ ‘Bibles’, Above Top Secret, in 1988, which is as valid and valuable now as it was then.
  • George Knapp is always fact-oriented, solid and grounded, a professional journalist and TV presenter himself.
  • Jim Marrs, too: everything he does is impeccably researched. He wrote the excellent Alien Agenda.
  • Colin Wilson wrote Alien Dawn … significant because Wilson was an occult researcher and knew little about UFOs, but felt he should really take a look and write something. (And it was a good book, too, as Wilson was himself a beginner in the field.) If my memory serves me right, he read (or, probably skimmed through the indexes of!) 2,000 other books to prepare himself to write his own. That’s real scholarship, and that’s a dying skill.

From: Project Avalon Forum – Bill Ryan (Jan 9th 2017) http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?95346-Body-Language-Expert-Does-Steven-Greer-Corey-Goode&p=1126078&viewfull=1#post1126078

David Wilcock on C2C – Jan 13th, 2017

Some great new information since David’s last “Endgame II” update in this
radio interview. I edited this down to 80 mins to fit on a CD and I will be
giving this out on Wednesday on CDs.

This is the edited 80 minute version in MP3 format.

One of more fascinating things to me is that he said is that massive
briefing documents are being passed from the alliance through Pete Peterson
to David. What kind of information does David need to be given “at the
right time” in such large volumes?



Congresswoman Kilpatrick on the Trivialization of the UFO Subject

Excerpt taken from the 2013 Citizen Hearing for Disclosure event, Day 3,
“Various Issues” testimony segment.


Video: Corey G and David W on Steven Greer’s Views

A free Youtube version of a recent Q&A episode of Cosmic Disclosure, including a video
statement from Corey Goode and David Wilcock about Steven Greer’s November “Cosmic False Flag” presentation (the topic begins at 23:29)



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