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Chemtrails & Artificial Intelligence – 10-23-16


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Dr. Bill Deagle’s experiences at Schriever Air Force Base, CO

Clips of Dr. Deagle discussing Schriever AFB underground facilities and US Air Force Space Command secret space program activities taken from his 2006 Granada Forum lecture and his 2008 interview with Project Camelot.


Deep Insider Perspectives on Trump

Corey Goode & David Wilock discuss a recent intelligence briefing (from a
few months ago). I was glad to see this clip on YouTube.


Dr. Robert Wood, Secret Projects at McDonnell Douglas

I started giving out a DVD with testimony from Dr Robert Wood, who helps us
to verify the testimony of William Tompkins (who helps us validate many
aspects of Corey Goode’s information.)

I had forgotten that Dr. Wood also did a very interesting Disclosure
Project interview, back in 2000, giving a good overview of his experiences
working at McDonnell Douglas (formerly named Douglas Aircraft, where
Tompkins also worked).

“Secret Projects at McDonnell Douglas” – Dr. Robert Wood (26 mins)

Dr. Salla did an article also on the connection between these two:


Full Disclosure Resources Goode, Tompkins, DeLonge 2015-2016

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David Wilcock on Defeating Negative Entities

From his show, Wisdom Teachings (wisdomteachings.com)


Corey Goode interview by Bridget Nielsen

Lots of interesting new information from Corey. ( spherebeingalliance.com/)


Sirius Disclosure Documentary

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