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David Wilcock Narrated Update

This is a great audio version of the recent joint updated posted by David Wilcock and Corey Goode, titled “Endgame II– The Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/ Cabal Rescue Plan”

Original post is at: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1209-endgame-pt-2


David Wilcock & Corey Goode Intel Update Pt 2


“Both David and I are working on releasing as much quality intel as
possible in the time window that we still have.

If the Establishment were to release this intel first, then we would appear
to be riding on their coat-tails.

The future is sure to be very interesting and the telltale signs of an
Endgame are already visible.

This is the greatest football game in our recorded history and the outcome
is not yet defined.

You can help steer this towards a positive result by maintaining a loving,
positive attitude in your thoughts and actions towards yourself and others.”



My Friend’s Visit to a Parallel Timeline

A few weeks ago my friend Allison posted on a private forum a 2 hour unlisted video that she did not share publicly, and did not know if she should share publicly, in which she described her experience going to bed at her home in Washington but then waking up and experiencing 3 days in an alternate timeline in a hospital type building in Anaheim. She woke up after 3 hours of “sleep” in our current reality but had 3 days of memories that she remembered just like they were preceding days of being awake.

By the end of her video she had described in great detail being told how ET disclosure had already occurred in that timeline and why it made sense. I was impressed that this was posted privately before Corey Goode even mentioned the idea of merging with timelines where disclosure had already occurred (his November 3rd blog update.) I was impressed by many other details, including some aspects regarding the nature of time and identity that made sense to me from studying the Law of One material but that Allison herself did not read into, instead explaining only the specifics of what she experienced moment to moment.

Shortly after watching the video, I felt that it opened some inner doors for me and began experiencing what seemed like communication with myself in other timelines during my dream state. I felt that my own experiences were profound and meaningful in guiding me to “boost” the energy of the other timelines, as Allison also described. I suggested to her that she should not keep this as private, and she should specifically post more of what she learned in her last day of the experience, which was the day where she was given historical information and visited the roof of the facility she was at, which felt like “street level” due to the nature of advanced transportation technology. She then took my suggestion to create a new video and posted an even more detailed description of what she learned during her final day of the experience, during a telepathic conveyance of information which revealed to her the sequence of historical events in that timeline.

She describes how in that timeline, “shortly after 1952 or shortly after [the] famous UFO sighting event [over the capital building], “someone” from the American Government told the American people the truth about extra terrestrials and flying saucers.” She further clarifies that Eisenhower was the last president and that there was a period of around 10 years where a kind of conflict that was not called “World War 3” but was very significant occurred to shake off many negative influences on humanity before the society became stabilized in some way, fully liberated.

She describes being told that 10 years of conflict would not be necessary for us in our timeline however:

“I got the hopeful sense from Nicolas that if this disclosure happened in my native timeline in 2016, it could possibly not take us 10+ years to come to the same peaceful liberation that Nicolas’s society went through because we have the internet and lots of technology here already. The process could be sped up for us to only 3-5 years, if only “someone from the American government would let the cat out of the bag,” so to speak.”

Others I have shared this with have agreed that it does not sound like a dream when someone can be reading specific things and able to turn around and back and have the details and entire environment remain consistent, just like waking reality, which seems to be the case here. And certainly the amount of details and coherence in the story are beyond any dream like experience I have heard of before. Allison was concerned initially that some kind of psychotronic mind manipulation could have also have been involved, based on the warnings she has heard from Corey Goode and others. However, I let her know that it did not seem to be the case for multiple reasons including the content of the message remaining consistent with what we know from other sources we trust, and she also came to this conclusion (that the experience is genuine) for reasons such as the fact that she has no significant audience, and she is not of the persuasion or capacity to even share this widely to further someone’s hidden agenda.

Although the experience sounded mostly like a waking reality, I must admit that some details of her experience inside the building are described as like “virtual reality” or “holodeck” programs which suggests that technology may have been in place to possibly convince some people brought in that they are still in a dream state, however she was able to leave those simulations, due to something unique about her awareness levels (I would guess) or herself in that timeline, and understand the nature of them as utilizing holographic technology for only portions of her full experience. Her third day experience described in the video above did not involve that technology, however. From the technology and use of this facility though, it would appear that the healing of timelines is an important enough concern for other more advanced Earth timelines that they seek to work with specific individuals across their different timeline selves, perhaps giving them experiences through their “dream” states that they deem valuable to the unfolding of our respective timelines.

She describes being given a picture of an hourglass to explain how and why ascension seems to require that multiple timelines may need to come together more to get through the “bottleneck” point, and this may be why they are reaching out to us:

“Nicolas also seemed to think that “ascension” had to happen eventually anyway so it was inconsequential whether or not it was in 2012. Even 5-100 years after 2012 would be close to 2012 in the scope of human history. His mind was showing me an image of an hourglass with no top or bottom. Instead of the “sand” going down, as it does in an hourglass, the white substance was moving up into the bottleneck and out. It was like all the grains of “sand” symbolized us as individuals and our different timelines all at once, going into the bottleneck of ascension. This could have also been some kind of juncture to sacred geometry that all of our timelines have to go through, some kind of bottleneck where we become the same timeline, ascend, and go out from there into the geometric fractal of time and space.”

From the perspective of the Mandela effect changes, this also makes sense as perhaps all parallel timelines are becoming more and more like each other to bring us closer to the middle of the hourglass.

In her new video and written account, she also goes into interesting details, that she specifically asked about, involving the role of the people we know of as Don Elkins, Corey Goode, and also David Wilcock in those timelines.

I think it is important that an unknown person like Allison has conveyed this experience to us, because from the manner of her telling the story I can vouch that she did not have any kind of personal agenda, and did not seek to get any attention and was content with sharing with very few people privately. She has a very humble spirit and has not attempted to sell anything or make money in some way from the experience, although she has authored books in the past that are available. Even now after my suggesting to her to create a new video and make the experience public, she has not shared the new video widely (the video currently has 35 views and a 1 to 2 like ratio) but has nevertheless been able to communicate her experiences clearly and well enough that people like myself can now explain to others how important and credible this story seems to be.

Read the full account here:


New Corey Goode Interview and Presentation

Corey was on Jimmy Church last night, he joins in at around 31 minutes in.

He recently released his talk from his Mt Shasta Secret Space Program
Conference in 2 parts:


Dr. Salla and Corey Goode Responses to Greer

I was not aware of some of this information Salla presents, such as regarding Secretary General de Cueller’s abduction experience which I had taken Greer’s word for originally.


“Greer’s criticism is based solely on his conjectures, which as evidenced in the 1989 Perez de Cueller alien abduction case, are highly questionable. This raises considerable doubt over Greer’s core claim in his November 13 lecture that Goode and Tompkin’s testimonies about secret space programs and egregious extraterrestrial activities, are a prelude to an impending false flag alien event.”


Comment by Corey Goode:

After listening to his recent lectures, it is obvious that there is zero research behind Greer’s allegations about William Tompkins and Corey Goode. He obviously didn’t look closely at what they say as he misrepresented what they have said heavily.
Once info about evil aliens comes up it violates his personal belief system (His UFO Religion) he then discounts all related information. We are ALL guilty of this to some degree.
He offers only his own opinion that they are MK Ultra victims. Believing that ALL ET’s are GOOD is more dangerous than the worry about people’s fear of EVIL ET’s. This narrative set’s up humanity to follow their genetic and social programming to WORSHIP!
The Cabal’s grand deception plan is no longer to bring about a mass fake alien invasion. That was exposed heavily decades ago and is no longer a viable program to execute. This holographic technology is however still viable to use in smaller “theaters of war”.
The plan now is to introduce humanity to an “Angelic and Human-Like” ET group and have people worship these so-called “angelic ET’s” who bring us a “New Cosmic Esoteric World Religion”.
The notion that EVIL is unique to us “Damn Dirty Apes” here on Earth is naive and a bit insulting. Why would duality end where our atmosphere does? As above, so below.
The Voice Of God: Cosmic Disclosure –http://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/transcript-cosmic-disclosure-voice-of-god-technology.html

WikiLeaked: Was Edgar Mitchell Planning to Meet with Podesta, then Obama?


doc icon WikiLeaked-Edgar-Mitchell-Podesta-Obama-10-23-16.docx

False Flag Alien Invasion to save Clinton Campaign – Leaked Document Recommends


doc icon False-Flag-Alien-Invasion-to-save-Clinton-Campaign10-23-16.docx

Chemtrails & Artificial Intelligence – 10-23-16


doc icon Chemtrails-AI-10-22-16.docx

Full Disclosure Resources Goode, Tompkins, DeLonge 2015-2016

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