I’ve listened to around half of this and didn’t hear anything that seemed new, but it provides helpful clarity to Greer’s viewpoints. Greer is clearly genuine with his reasoning here. I think it is the last 20 or 30 minutes of the second hour where he is essentially talking about Corey Goode. In the third hour, the Q&A portion, he expands heavily on his “biggest fear” which relates to his belief that negative information about ETs could lead to people to wanting to fight a cosmic WW3 out of fear. I will likely try to put together a better response to this, since Greer seems to contradict himself in a number of ways to justify his fear. His tendency to assume people will always react with fear about certain information, and then targeting that information with labels, does not seem as valuable as would teaching more about the reasons why fear would be unjustified in any situation.

In this other recent talk, Greer’s focus on the importance of supporting the evolution of consciousness regardless of our belief systems seems to be a far more valuable avenue of discourse.


It seems possible that Greer’s reasons about why we should not be afraid rely too heavily on assumptions about our visitors, and too little on his knowledge about the nature of our true identity as conscious co-creators.