June 8, 2023 - June 11, 2023    
All Day


Bookings closed

Camping is $15/night per site, no reservations required, paid onsite directly to the Watchtower.

The UFO Watch Tower is open from 10AM – 4PM. Please arrive before 4PM, if possible, to pay for the campsite and be on site, before the gates close. Gates are closed after 5PM, so call for entry: Campers call 719-378-2296

There are campsites at the Sand Dunes Recreation Center (Hot Springs) if you would like to camp there as well.

We will coordinate some shared meals during the trip. Please use the notes box in the checkout process to add information about what you would like to bring for the pot luck events.

We will be practicing the CE-5 (Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind) protocols to vector in Extraterrestrial peoples as diplomatic ambassadors of Earth. Our intention is to reach out in a non-fearful, respectful, peaceful, open minded, positive, cohesive manner for the betterment of the Earth and the Cosmos.

For the week leading up to the 10th take some time to meditate (this is very important), set a positive intention for peaceful contact, and visualize a connection to higher consciousness beings occurring both during your meditation and on Saturday at the location of our meeting. In your meditations invite our E.T. friends and higher guides to join us and manifest if they would like in some way which is safe for all. This meditation ahead of the event is very helpful to focus conscious intent and to establish an inner telepathic dialogue with beings which can also be confirmed through visual contact in the future. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to make inner contact — simply expressing an intention repeatedly is often enough to receive some kind of feedback.
Please turn off your cell phone or have it in airplane mode when using CSETI, satellite and star tracking apps. (optional CSETI app found here)

For new people: These CE-5 gatherings often produce some form of visual contact but never any kind that would cause any fear in anyone present – though please ask questions if you ever feel anything less than positivity in your experience! It seems as though the ETs we observe are very spiritually advanced and able to detect where everyone is at emotionally in order to decide both when and how to appear (and for how long). They seem to be mainly interested in promoting our individual spiritual growth and promoting a sense of inspiration. A sense of reverence or a sense of humor may be helpful.

For all people: There are some types of experiences that are only possible when the manner in which they are shared or processed is something you are being specifically guided around. You do not have to share any experiences if you feel an encounter was not meant to be shared.

Items to bring & consider for SATURDAY NIGHT

  • Camping Chair – we will have a few extras.
  • FlashLight
  • Clothing that will keep you very warm. Bring one layer more than you would normally need during the evening.
  • Hat and Gloves may be good idea
  • Bug repellant may help
  • Water bottle
  • Laser Pointer
  • Binoculars and/or night vision are fun to have


Bookings are closed for this event.